Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sign Petition for National Health Care Now!

The Afrosphere Action Coalition (AAC) calls upon the Government of the United States to take such steps as are necessary to guarantee that all those in the United States who are in need of medical treatment shall promptly receive such treatment and care as is medically necessary, without being required to pay for it beforehand, at the time of service, or individually thereafter.

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The Afrosphere Action Coalition calls upon the US Government to institute a national system of medical care that guarantees that medically necessary treatment, pharmaceuticals and other related medical goods and services are readily available, accessible and provided through a Government-operated system of doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, clinics and private providers, paid for from the US Treasury, and redirecting as necessary such funding as is now spent on medical care in order to achieve this purpose, and provide subsidies as necessary for such care in the private system.

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The AAC further calls upon the US Government to cease and desist obstructing medical patients from seeking and receiving quality medical care, pharmaceuticals and treatments wherever they may be most economical, refraining in particular from prohibitions on the importation of identical or essentially similar pharmaceuticals from foreign low-cost pharmacies and manufacturers overseas.

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The Afrosphere Action Coalition urges that NO PERSON OR PERSONS BE COMPELLED TO RECEIVE SERVICES UNDER THE ABOVE PROVISIONS, but that such services be available as of right to those who request them, in every region and portion of the United States and its territories and dependencies, without intentional, accidental, or incidental discrimination on the basis of skin color, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, reproductive treatment necessities, psychiatric requirements, or on any other basis or pretext.

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Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Anyone who has had a health care provider refuse treatment to himself or a loved one based on lack of insurance, the wrong type of insurance, preexisting condition, indigence or lack of indigence, knows the frustration we in the United States often feel when we seek health care.

Our nation spends twice as much on health care as many other industrialized countries that have national health care, and yet our outcomes are not better and many of us receive no health care at all.

The infant mortality rate among Blacks in parts the American south (17%) is almost three times as high as the infant mortality rate in Cuba. It's times to take action. Afrosphere bloggers are in the forefront, informing and mobilizing the public on behalf of health care for all.

That's why we have authored and signed the Afrosphere Action Coalition "National Health Care Now!" petition. We hope you will join us and sign the petition as well.