Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Help Haitian Hurricane Victims

Yobachi of sends out personal call

A Little Help Can Go A Long Way

Pregnant Haitian In Hurricane Flood

I’ve been telling you the last couple of weeks about the absolute devastation in Haiti from being hit by 4 tropical storms and Hurricanes with in less than three weeks. If you missed that, you can read here and here as well.

This morning I made a donation to Food For The Poor, directed to Haitian relief. It was only a mere 20 dollars, it’s what I have for the time being. It’s not much, but I understand that things add up.

If you have a few bucks you can spare, and you’ll put your 20 dollars with mine, and on and on then it won’t be just $20.

Some 1,400 of you read this blog every week. If I could get just 10% of you to make the same donation to which ever relief effort of your choosing; collectively it would be 2,800 dollars we would be providing in relief.

If everyone just does a little, a lot can be accomplished.


Other donation information

Food For The Poor, Inc:

Pan America Relief

You can check out charities and how they spend donations at Charity Navigator

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