Thursday, September 18, 2008

Contribute To Voter Supression Wiki

Baratunde Thurston of Jack and Jill Politics has created this place to log incidents of voter supression throughout the U.S.

Thurston writes:

the point

1. Learn what voter suppression is
2. Report incidents of voter suppression
3. Act to combat and prevent it

You can go to the Voter Supression Wiki here.

Intro blog posts:

On Jack & Jill Politics

On DailyKos (recommend!!)

On Huffington Post

And a great intro from Jon Pincus who helped a lot with the concept and setup

YouTube video intro

THANK YOU ALL for your suggestions and connections. This was done in
about 24 hours. I love the Internet. Let's go protect some votes!

- saving democracy one wiki at a time

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