Thursday, September 20, 2007

September 20, 2007: Afrosphere's Action Alerts Bring 50,000 Marchers to Jena, Louisiana

For Immediate Release

AfroSpear activist blogger Eddie G. Griffin (BASG) foresees 50,000 marchers in Jena, Louisiana on September 20, demanding justice for six Blacks youths who were charged criminally after opposing segregation in Jena, Louisiana. Addressing Jena, Barack Obama says:
"When nooses are being hung in high schools in the 21st century, it’s a tragedy. It shows that we still have a lot of work to do as a nation to heal our racial tensions. This isn’t just Jena’s problem; it’s America’s problem." Eddie G. Griffin (BASG): Obama Demands Fairness in Jena Six Case
The 50,000 marchers at the September 20 Jena Six Justice March will exceed the population of Jena, Louisiana by a factor of 16:1. Even if Jena were not antagonistic toward the rights of Black citizens and those who march in their support (they supported David Duke's senate campaign by a wide margin), Jena's public safety officials - traffic, police, fire and ambulance - would not be equipped to provide public safety services for a march this large. In fact, this will be the largest public gathering in the history of Jena, Louisiana.

We in the AfroSpear proactively demand that Louisiana's Governor Blanco organize state level public safety preparations for this march, just as she should have done but failed to do in advance of Hurricane Katrina. It is foreseen that tens of thousands of people will march for justice in Jena, and the state government must make public safety provisions for the marchers and local citizens.

AfroSpear bloggers who are going to Jena are being asked to bring digital cameras and video recorders so that we can immediately post stories on the Internet and provide footage to major news organizations, immediately distributing photographs and links to Youtube film footage through the AfroSpear associated press newsgroup. Photographs and film footage will immediately be distributed nationally and internationally through AfroSpear blogs.

The September 20 Jena Justice March will be the largest march of historic proportions both organized and reported by the Afrosphere to date. The AfroSpear is making every preparation for a safe and orderly march. We call upon Governor Blanco to assume responsibility for public safety with equal seriousness and diligence.

Francis L. Holland, Esq., AfroSpear Blogger