Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hurricane Crisis In Haiti Needs Your Attention and Your Help

The second disaster to what is transpiring in Haiti, is the disaster that is, again, America's major media giving little attention to this developing humanitarian crisis that is just 700 miles off of our own shores. Of course they need the airtime to talk about what Britney was wearing at the VMA's.

After Hurricane Hanna caused floods and mudslides at the end of last week, Ike dumped more water on the besieged island Monday.

Last week I asked people to donate, and you should still give what you can; if it's just $10 or $20 dollars. But we should also ask our government to help, via cargo helicopters that can airlift in supplies and so forth.

We need to target someone for focused intensity. You should always contact your own legislative representatives; but there needs to be a single entity hit by everyone who would participate, and I think House Speaker Nancy Pelosi makes the most sense.

See the bottom of the page for contact info and donation info

    Humanitarian disaster unfolds in Haiti
    By Jacques Guillon in Gonaives, Haiti
    September 10, 2008 10:01am

    HAITI'S third largest city is at the centre of a humanitarian disaster after being hit hard by four major storms in less than a month.

    Supplies slowly trickling into waterlogged Gonaives, but they were nowhere near the amount needed for flood victims who have gone for days without food or clean water.

    The UN Mission in Haiti said 101 bodies have been found in Gonaives, the Haitian city hardest hit by Tropical Storm Hanna and Hurricane Ike, since yesterday.

    Four major storms, two of them hurricanes, have struck Haiti in less than four weeks.

    More than 600 Haitians have died and the disaster is still unfolding due to the challenge of delivering aid in the impoverished and waterlogged Caribbean country.

    "If we don't find a way to deliver massive humanitarian aid, we will see fights and riots that will kill more people than the cyclone did," warned UN spokeswoman Vicky Delore-Ndjeuga.
    Gonaives was flooded when Tropical Storm Hanna lashed the low-lying northern city surrounded by deforested hillsides at the beginning of the month.

    Across Haiti, 800,000 people are in urgent need of humanitarian aide, almost half children…

    go here for the rest of's story

An AP Story on the issue

Congressional Contact and Donation Information

House Democratic Leadersip:
Nancy Pelosi - House Speaker 202-225-4965 /,

General Switch Board for the House of Representatives, where you can get anyones number 202-224-3121

House website: (can find anyones website to get emails and other contact info).

Food For The Poor, Inc:

Pan America Relief

You can check out charities and how they spend donations at Charity Navigator

As the information in this article demonstrates the U.S. military has provided a decent amount of airlifted aid and medical support; but the issue is that the asset resources need to match the size of the crisis. We can do more, so why not do what we can to relieve human suffering?


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