Monday, October 31, 2011

Americans Protesting Greedy Capitalism - Join Them Today!

All over the United States and the world, people are realizing that giving capitalist bankers complete freedom to destroy economies, home equity and jobs is the road to ruin and not the road to riches for 99% of people in the world's societies.  People are fed up because they realize that countries in Europe are slipping off the economic cliffs and normal people who bought into card-table capitalism and losing all of their cards. 

At least in Europe, the European Union has told bank investors that they will have to take a bath and lose their equity as an inevitable part of making banks solvent again, preventing economic chaos and a break up of the European Union.  In the United States, the Bush and Obama Administrations have refused to announce this bad news to banks, with the result being that the US economy remains awash in bad debts that prevent the economy from improving and keeps the economy one day away from a crash, with big insurers joining the great depression and their stock-holders looking for Government handouts at the expense of the jobless "under-water." 

Three years after the banks' near total crash and what should have been their utter and final discredit, banks continue holding the US economy hostage, insisting that no solution to American mortgage indebtedness can cost banks and their investors a dime.  It's "Day 900 or so" in the Bankers' Hostage Crisis and the banks continue refusing to negotiate.  The Obama Administration coddles bankers because they own the Obama Adminitration as sure as they own and even begin to bulldoze the homes in which Americans lived in, underwater.

Now, when white people are protesting because they realize that following capitalists will not lead to joining them in capitalist wealth, it's time for Blacks to increase millions of voices to the protests, because Blacks have lost a larger share of jobs and wealth than anyone else has over the the last three years.  Meanwhile, the stalemate with the capitalist who refuse to lose means that the depression is likely to worsen, with the middle and working class continually losing what little ground remains under fewer and fewer feet.

Join the protesters today, because what little we have left is all that we have left to lose.

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